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Chemotherapy can be delivered as a day case in either of Warrnambool's hospitals, South West Healthcare at SWRCC or St John of God Hospital. 

Chemotherapy may also be available at our sattelite unit in Portland, where clinically appropriate.


We also manage in-patient care for cancer patients at both of the Warrnambool hospitals.


Follow up consultations will be through our rooms in the Southwest Regional Cancer Centre (SWRCC) in Ryot Street, Warrnambool or Portland Specialist Centre. Information regarding specific cancer types can be found in the cancer information centre at Peter's Place int he Cancer Centre.


Patients are supported by our Cancer Link Nurse and all patients are encouraged to access this service.

Details are available at our reception, or please see below for basic details. Otheer specialist support services, including breast care nurses, are also available locally if required.



Who is a Cancer Link Nurse

The Cancer Link Nurse is a registered nurse who has undertaken additional education in cancer care
and specialised in the support of people affected by cancer.


The Cancer Link Nurse can provide:

  • Support

  • Information

How can the Cancer Link Nurse Help?

  • Assist patients to understand their diagnosis

  • Provice information regarding treatment such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormone therapy

  • Explain specific tests the patient may need to undergo

  • Provide links between services to assist people to manage their diagnosis and treatment

  • Provide information and contacts for cancer services; locally, regionally and state wide

  • Communicate on behalf of the patient with the doctors and other health providers to ensure the
    patient needs are met

  • Patients can contact the cancer link nurse at any stage of their diagnosis and treatment including before their first consultation


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