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For Patients

We are here to help.  Please do not hesitate to contact our rooms directly.


Appointments can be made by requesting a referral from your local GP

Once we receive your referral, it is placed in a triage system. All referrals are triaged on the day we receive the referral.  Referrals are sorted based upon issues requiring the urgent, semi-urgent and non-urgent appointments then scheduled accordingly. Patients are contacted directly with an appointment date and time.

As South West Oncology is a private clinic we do have fees associated with our consults.  As a private patient you are seen by the doctor that specialises in your area of cancer.   That doctor will follow you through your journey from start to end.  

We understand from time to time you may experience financial hardship and bulk billing is an option for all patients.  We encourage you to discuss any payment concerns with your doctor or with the practice manager directly.  


All receipts are processed to Medicare on the day of consultation with your rebate going directly into your account.


PH: 03 55634211

FAX: 03 55634217

SWRCC, 28-30 Ryot Street, Level 1


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